Top 11 Sites Like SolarMovie For Watching Movies Online | BlueStacks (2024)

  1. Tubi
  2. Crave
  3. Crunchyroll
  4. GMovies
  5. Midnight Pulp
  6. LookMovie
  7. Zee5
  8. YesMovies
  9. FMovies
  10. LosMovies
  11. MXPlayer

Solarmovie is renowned for its rich catalog of the latest movies and TV shows. However, if you’re looking for alternatives, we have eleven of the best options.

Top 11 Sites Like SolarMovie For Watching Movies Online | BlueStacks (1)

The alternatives shared in this article can be viewed on your big TV screen or laptop with BlueStacks, allowing you to have wholesome experiences.

In this article, you’ll find 11 best alternatives to Solarmovie for watching your favorite movies online.

1. Tubi

Renowned for having the latest collection of movies from many genres, Tubi allows you to watch your movies in English or Spanish.

With Tubi, you can enjoy faster movie streaming as it has a Windows application.

In addition to its smooth play, you can stream movies on Tubi from any smartphone with any screen resolution.

You also do not need a credit card to start enjoying the best movies online, as Tubi is free.

2. Crave

Crave is an online movie streaming platform that gives access to a wide variety of movies and TV shows from the best production companies in the world.

With Crave, you can watch movie trailers before you start watching.

The different video resolutions you can choose from means your streaming won’t lag or glitch as the platform automatically switches between video resolutions based on your network’s strength.

There are three subscription packages on Crave, each with its perks. The premium package lets you download your favorite movies and TV shows offline to watch them whenever you want.

3. Crunchyroll

If you need animation, then Crunchyroll is your best bet.

You can get all your manga series on Crunchyroll, with English subtitles and playback buttons.

Crunchyroll also allows you to change the audio language to either Japanese, Spanish, English, or Portuguese.

There is a subscription fee, but they also have a 7-day free premium trial period.

4. GMovies

GMovies offers new and classic movies from different countries and genres with different subtitles.

The movies are free to stream, and you can add the ones you love to your ‘favorite’ bookmark, allowing you to binge-watch them later.

GMovies also has an Android and Apple mobile application and three different servers to choose from if one of the servers doesn’t work as fast when you’re streaming.

5. Midnight Pulp

Exclusive movies you can binge on are what Midnight Pulp offers.

The high-definition movie streaming web application offers the best collection of movies in any genre.

Midnight Pulp also suggests movies for your late-night movie night. With its English subtitles, you can enjoy any movie or TV show in any language.

6. LookMovie

The age of not knowing how good a movie is before you watch it is over!

Lookmovie provides ratings for every movie, cast and crew, synopsis, and trailer.

Although the free version has ads that pop up now and again, the watching experience is fantastic.

You can download and watch the movies anytime when you pay for the premium version.

You can search for movies online and upload the file on Lookmovie if movies are without subtitles.

7. Zee5

For fans of Bollywood movies, Zee5 offers the latest films and series in high-definition video quality.

Its subscription fee notwithstanding, Zee5 takes you to the world of Indian movies with English subtitles, 4K video quality, and offline downloads.

8. YesMovies

Many movie streaming platforms have great categories.

However, only a few countries can categorize their rich catalog of movies into countries.

YesMovies categorises movies based on the country of production, making it easier to find any film produced in a specific country.

9. FMovies

An easy-to-navigate website with high video quality movies, FMovies makes searching for your favorite film easy.

It has a fine filter to help you filter through your favorite movies and get you downloading them too.

To download movies from FMovies, you have to pass through some ‘survey’ hurdles, but the time and effort are worth it because you get HD movies with subtitles.

10. LosMovies

LosMovies is a free streaming platform that houses all the newly released movies in cinemas and oldies.

Its vast collection of new and old movies and niche-specific filters help you sort through any movie you want.

And there’s no need to sign up before you start watching. It also has a user-friendly interface.

11. MXPlayer

You can get all the entertainment at your fingertip with MXPlayer.

MXplayer contains movies from different countries and genres, allowing you to download them offline.

You can also get mobile applications from the Google and Apple Play stores and enjoy seamless movie streaming.

Although the web application is region-specific, you can bypass it with a VPN if you choose to.


To catch up on the latest movies, check out these sites similar to SolarMovie to enjoy premium entertainment, both for free and at a price.

Top 11 Sites Like SolarMovie For Watching Movies Online | BlueStacks (2024)


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