Ame In A Van: The Gorgeous Van Life YouTuber (2024)

Many people dream of living on a camper van and have a what they call “van life”.

For those who can’t afford this lifestyle or those who are just passionate and interested in it, they find satisfaction instead in watching content creators on YouTube who manage to achieve it.

Something about van life makes it one of the most sought-after contents on YouTube. One the content creators that are getting many views on YouTube around the theme of van life and travel lifestyle is the channel Ame In A Van.

In this article, you will know more about Ame In A Van.

Ame In A Van Real Name

The real name of Ame In A Van is Amelise Burr.

Amelise Burr is a French woman who recently made a name on YouTube through her van life video content. Amelise started building her camper van in May of 2020 and finished the build a year and a half later in September of 2021. She named her van Gloria.

She documented the building process and shared it on YouTube and people love her work.

The name of Ame In A Van dog is Gigi.

Today, Amelise Burr is enjoying her van life and travel adventures together with her dog Gigi.

Ame In A Van Age

Many fans and viewers of Ame In A Van are curious about the age of Amelise Burr.

Ame In A Van is 21 years old.

Amelise Burr or Ame In A Van is a gorgeous young lady.

Ame In A Van Boyfriend

It is inevitable for the fans and subscribers to ask whether Ame In A Van has a boyfriend.

Amelise Burr is such a beautiful woman with cool personality. No doubt may guys will easily fall in love with her charm. And so the curious question whether there is already a lucky guy who captured the heart of this gorgeous lady.

Unfortunately, there is no available information regarding the personal relationship of Ame In A Van. Therefore, it is not known whether she already has a boyfriend or not.

Ame In A Van do not have a boyfriend.

Since there are no signs of her relationship, it is safe to assume that Amelise Burr is single and has no boyfriend, as of writing.

Ame In A Van Social Media Accounts

Here are the social media accounts where you can follow Ame In A Van or Amelise Burr.

This includes Ame In A Van’s Instagram and Tiktok accounts. As for her Facebook account, there is no Facebook page associated with Ame In A Van or Amelise Burr. There is a Facebook profile named after her, but from the looks of it, it is a fake account.

Ame In A Van Instagram

Ame In A Van TikTok

Ame In A Van has around 20 thousand followers on Instagram and more than 150 thousand followers on TikTok.

Most Popular Video of Ame In A Van

The most viewed video of Ame In A Van on YouTube as of writing is the video titled “VAN BUILD from start to finish | 1.5 year SELF BUILD (under £10k)!” which was uploaded on April 16, 2022.

This particular video of Ame In A Van got about a million views and still counting!

In this video of Amelise, she documented her journey of building a camping van from start to finish.

The girl converts van to be her home and shelter as she travels to different places. Ame In A Van is a good builder as shown in the video how skilled she is in building the van from scratch.

It takes 1 and half years for her to finish the build but it’s all worth it!

Ame In A Van described the video as:

This week I thought I’d show you how I built my van from start to finish. This took about 1.5 years during the lockdowns and was a good distraction for me! I had many days where I wanted to give up on the build, because it was so mentally challenging at some points, especially in winter. However, now I have my tiny home and I know how to fix everything if anything goes wrong in it!

Ame In A Van Location

The videos of Ame In A Van on YouTube were filmed in France.

France is such a beautiful country with forests and mountain ranges that cover the country. The weather is also unique as it is relatively cooler in the northern part of France and typically warmer in the south.

Ame In A Van loves to travel to remote and rural areas of France. It is where she creates amazing van life videos that her fans and subscribers love to watch!

Ame In A Van Gear and Tools

This is the list of van gear and essential items that Ame In A Van is using as shown in her video uploads.

As for the tools that Ame In A Van used in building her camper van, these are the few that were shown in the video. You can consider these tools if you are also planning to build your DIY camper van.

YouTube Stats and Earnings of Ame In A Van

Here are the YouTube statistics of Ame In A Van courtesy of SocialBlade as of writing. Included also in this section of the article is the average monthly earnings of Ame In A Van from YouTube.

Ame In A Van YouTube Subscribers: 60 Thousands

Ame In A Van YouTube View Count: 3.5 Million

The average monthly earnings of Amelise Burr from her Youtube channel Ame In A Van is around 2,000 USD.

As for the networth of Ame In A Van, there is no available data over the internet about it as of the moment.

Support Ame In A Van

Amelise Burr is inspiring a lot of people through her YouTube videos.

Van Life or Van Camping may be a simple thing but for others, especially those who feel that living tiny and solitary while travelling is a dream, Ame In A Van is a great place to be inspired.

You can show your support to Amelise by always watching her video content on YouTube and of course by subscribing to her YouTube channel, Ame In A Van.

You might want also to check out the official website of Ame In A Van.

Ame In A Van YouTube Bio

My name’s Amélise and I live full time in a van (so do my parents) and I travel around with my dog (Gigi) in my self converted ford transit. After hitting ‘rockbottom’ when tradgedy struck and took my ‘normal life’ away from me, I underwent a serious awakening to the truth behind the life I was living. Once realising that I was merely existing in the world I spent the next 3 years saving, dreaming about van life and designing van builds. I challenged myself to convert my van (and pay for it) alone and I finished the build after 18 months of blood, sweat and tears in September 2021 and I’m now travelling around Europe, documenting my life and sharing it with you… I just want to spread good vibes❤️

Ame In A Van

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Ame In A Van: The Gorgeous Van Life YouTuber (2024)


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