13 Best Solar movies Alternatives to use [2023] (2024)

Solar Movies website offers users to download and watch movies on their devices for free but has been banned by certain ISPs. Here is a list of Solar movie alternatives for watching and downloading movies online.

13 Best Solar movies Alternatives to use [2023] (1)

1) Sling

Sling website is an alternative to solar movies that offers users on-demand and live TV channels on their TVs, tablets, PCs, and mobile phones.

Link to the Website- https://www.sling.com/

13 Best Solar movies Alternatives to use [2023] (2)


  • Free of cost service.
  • Step-by-step installation guide.
  • Watch the shows on multiple devices.
  • Offers local channels for free.
  • Best Solar Movies Alternative

2) Vumoo.to

Vimeo offers users the to stream and download movies in HD quality for free without any registration. It is also a good solar movies alternative.

Link to the Website- http://vumoo.to/

13 Best Solar movies Alternatives to use [2023] (3)


  • Offers a range of movies.
  • Streaming and watching in HD quality.
  • Unlimited movies after registering only once.
  • Watch the entire series online.
  • Price - Free

3) Tubitv

One of the free movie streaming platforms which offer a user's favorite movies in various genres in HD format is Tubitv. It is one of the best alternatives for Solar Movies com to watch Movies and Web Series For Free.

Link to the Website- https://tubitv.com/home

13 Best Solar movies Alternatives to use [2023] (4)


• Many genres are offered by the platform from action, animation, classics, and comedy to crime, documentary, and drama.

Can be downloaded on phones from Google Play Store and Apple Appstore.

• Users can stream live channels.

• Collection section of the platform offers various classics.

Price - Free

4) Popcornflix

Popcornflix is another alternative to the Solar movies website that offers free feature-length movies and web episodes. The users can avail of this over-the-top service as a replacement for Solar Movies.

Link to the website: www.popcornflix.com/pages/discover/d/movies

13 Best Solar movies Alternatives to use [2023] (5)


• Users can enjoy streaming movies and tv shows on their devices for free.

• A dedicated section to find the latest movies in HD.

Supports many devices including amazon prime, Google Play, Apple Tv, and XBOX.

Watch movies in various genres from Action, Comedy, and Drama to Horror, and Sci-fi.

• Price - Free

5) Yifymovies

Users can avail of watching movies and TV series on YifyMovies without any registration. Another good alternative to Solar movies

Link to the website: https://ww.yify.stream/

13 Best Solar movies Alternatives to use [2023] (6)


Free registration.

Various filters and sorting options are available.

• Users can watch the shows and movies according to the shown ratings.

• Price - Free

6) Moonline

Moonline website offers its users free movies in HD, 720p, and 1080p, without any registration, and is one of the best Solar movies alternatives.

Link to the website: moonline.ws/

13 Best Solar movies Alternatives to use [2023] (7)


• Users can record the video online while streaming.

Sort movies in alphabetical order based on genres such as thrillers, adventure, animation, crime, and documentaries.

• Users can find the movies with the year of their release.

• Price - Free

7) PutLockers2

Users looking for alternative websites for Solar movies to watch online movies and tv-series for free can visit the Putlockers2 website.

Link to Website: www.putlockers2.com/

13 Best Solar movies Alternatives to use [2023] (8)


• Offers the users to decide on the movies by checking the IMDB reviews.

• Users can also request a movie, wrong or broker videos, and links, and missing download links.

• Users can also know what other people are watching using the most viewed section.

• Offers filters such as HD or non-HD, movies, tv-series, and genres.

• Price - Free

8) Afdah

Afdah is a solar movies com alternative for watching movies online for free which neither hosts nor upload videos but indexes them on the website.

Link to Website: https://afdah.info/

13 Best Solar movies Alternatives to use [2023] (9)


• Users can browse movies according to categories such as year, country, language, HD, cinema, or feature movies.

Movies in various genres are also available, for example, action, adventure, animation, comedy, and horror.

• Users can also view movie information such as IMDB reviews, release dates, and run times.

• Price - Free

9) CONtv

The users can also use multi-platform for online streaming of movies and the users can avail access to classic films, television series, and comics. It the simplest alternative to Solar Movies com.

Link to Website: www.contv.com/browse-movie/

13 Best Solar movies Alternatives to use [2023] (10)


• Users can access the platform from the browser, Android, iOS, and Tablet devices.

Registration is compulsory before streaming.

• Users can also check new videos, comics, videos, live tv, etc.

• Price - Both Free and Paid

10) Movie4K

The Movie4K has a large video library, and offers HD-quality movies and TV shows which users can stream online for free.

Link: https://istream-it.com/?page=home

13 Best Solar movies Alternatives to use [2023] (11)


• Users can enjoy watching movies and videos in different languages.

• Offers movies in various genres such as comedy, drama, and action.

• Users can stream videos in various resolutions such as 1080p, 720p, 350p, Bluray, CAM, and DVD.

• Price: Free

11) DVDFab

This third-party software is for downloading the streaming videos to view them offline in various formats and resolutions.

Link to Website: www.dvdfab.cn/downloader.htm

13 Best Solar movies Alternatives to use [2023] (12)


• Offers MP4 videos and resolution up to 4K quality.

• Supports various video-sharing and streaming websites such as YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Daily Motion, Instagram, Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, Disney+, AppleTV+, Paramount+, and Hulu.

• Price: Free

12) 123Movies

123Movies is a user-friendly alternative to the solarmovies for watching movies and tv-series in various genres.

Link: http://ww2.123movies.la/

13 Best Solar movies Alternatives to use [2023] (13)


User-friendly interface.

• Offers a huge collection of English movies from various countries such as the USA, France, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Japan, India, and Germany.

• Users can watch movies and TV-Series in various genres such as action, drama, comedy, adventure, thriller, and animation.

• Price: Free

13) Movie Watcher

MovieWatcher is a website where you can download any Movie or Web Series for Free as it's an alternative to Solar Movies com which is a well known website to download movies from.

Link to Website: http://www.moviewatcher.site/

13 Best Solar movies Alternatives to use [2023] (14)


• Offers videos in HD quality.

Registration is mandatory for watching movies.

Search engine is also available and videos are sorted according to popularity and released year.

• Price: Free


Above Solar movies alternatives can be used to download the dialogues of movies or TV programs in a different or the same language as per the choice of the user.

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13 Best Solar movies Alternatives to use [2023] (2024)


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