Privacy Policy

Privacy? You want privacy? Bwahahahahahahahahahaha!

Seriously. As long as the government collects revenue using a progressive income tax, the government needs detailed financial information on all its citizens. As long as the government gives out largesse based on need, the government needs not only financial information, but detailed personal knowledge as well. As long as the government requires employers to file your tax information and encourages you to get health insurance and other benefits from your employer, your employer must gather quite a few personal details as well. Until we discard the progressive income tax and the welfare system, you have no privacy.

Free money for everyone coupled with a more anonymous tax system could restore a great deal of privacy. Since privacy is a big selling point to this program, and because the author values privacy and hates spammers as much as you do, the author will make serious efforts to preserve your privacy and limit contact to that which is appropriate.

Contacting the Author

Of course, if you contact the author via email, the author will have your email address and may use it to contact you back. He will not sell or rent it to others. There is no newsletter so you won’t get that either any time soon. If a newsletter is started in the future, you might get a single invite, but you won’t get the newsletter unless you opt in.

Commenting on the Blog

The blog software requires an email address in order for you to own your comments. If you contact the owner of this site using this address, you can retract/edit a comment later if you so desire. If you write a comment that screams out for a private response you might receive a personal email due to that comment. But since we are all busy, any email traffic generated this way should be small and appropriate.

Web Stats

Like most webmasters, the owner of this site likes to see how many people are reading the site and where the traffic is coming from. He uses StatCounter for this purpose at present. See the StatCounter features page for what information he gets. See StatCounter’s privacy policy to see what they do with the information they gather from the many sites which use their service.

Ads and Evil Chocolate Chip Cookies

This site displays ads from Google's Adsense program. As such Google could theoretically track your activity across the Internet by IP address and/or cookies between sites which serve Google ads as well as other Google owned properties. To see to what degree they take advantage of this capability, see Google's privacy policy page. They also detail ways to opt out of some of their information tracking.


If you send threats, criminal offers, or just plain spam, the owner of this site reserves the right to contact the appropriate authorities and give them all information gathered. Similarly, the owner will comply with all warrants and subpoenas legally served.