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If you want to contact the author privately, your best best is by e mail. Type what you see in the image below into your mail program and write to your heart's content.

That's an image because I hate spam. So don't worry, I won't sell your return address to spammers. I will store your email address in my Thunderbird folders, however, and I might send you a note in the future if it is apropos to what you sent me. If that prospect gives you the chills, don't contact me.

I don't have an email newsletter and have none planned. If that changes, I might send you a one-time invite. After that, you would need to opt in to actually get the newsletter. Once again, if that bit of return contact makes steam come out of your ears, don't contact me.

Otherwise, drop me a line and let me know what you think of the site. I enjoy getting email from actual humans.